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Alcona Drug Search

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Oct 18, 2005
Rochester Hills MI
This week there was alot ot activity on the MPSCS system in Alcona county.
I have a house in alcona twsp which I get to a few times a year. This past week I was up there fishing and heard alot of activity from MSP and National guard. They were searching the county with helo's looking for pot fields. Found one big one near Black River road. This was going on Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday morning.. I had to come down to work on tuesday afternoon, so maybe still ongoing. Here are the talk groups involved.

4013 ? some encrepted
4107 Alcona County
1221 2 National Guard Helo's
1027 H-Event 18
2045 NetN2

also heard traffic on 0316 call signs thunder1 and thunder2 talking about escourting a tanker thru the straits.

Not open for further replies.