Alinco: Alinco DJ-MD5T manual programming question

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Apr 8, 2020
I hope someone can answer this programming question. I have to program manually until I can find someone who's willing to load the programming software on their Windows machine and help me (I'm a Mac user), and find a way to do it while properly socially distancing!

When I'm programming in a repeater's channel menu settings, there is no choice for negative or positive offset or offset amount. But the negative or positive offset is a choice in the radio settings as "AUTORTR A" or "AUTORTR B". The choice is only for negative or positive, with no menu choice for the amount of offset.

How do I manually program a repeater and get the positive or negative offset and offset amount to be associated with the channel?

If you have a DJ-MD5T and programmed it with the software, could you do me a huge favor and review the menu settings and see how it's done?

I got my Baofeng all set up using CHIRP on my MacBook. Unfortunately, CHIRP doesn't support DMR radios. I'm not even interested in programming the DMR stuff yet; I just want to get my analog channels into the Alinco to start with.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated,
Not open for further replies.