Alinco DX-R8 Filter Mods for MW BCB DXing


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May 11, 2018
Eugene, Oregon
I just purchased one of these receivers second had for a couple of hundred bucks. I must say, for the price, it’s quite a good radio. I’ve seen some old threads about filter modifications here; I want to re-visit this subject and reach out to the community.

I want to primarily use this Receiver for MW BCB DXing and program listening, mostly away from home when I’m camping.

The filters onboard are just OK, and the audio is “crunchy” at times.

I have read about users installing Collins filters in this Receiver.

I want to get better audio fidelity in SSB ECSS, and slightly better fidelity in AM with a wider filter. I had an R-75 with the FL-257 which provided stellar audio on ECSS.

Does Collins or even INRAD offer similar filters? 3.3 kHz for SSB wide and replace the stock 2.4 Narrow with a 2.8?

The 9 kHz AM filter seems fine but it does take a bit of fidgeting to find the sweet spot; I’d rather not have to do this.

Some additional filtering is available through the SDR feature, but I wouldn’t be taking a laptop out in the field.

Can the audio amplifier be improved at all? I’ve also seen the mod for the noise blanker which I would like to perform.


Apr 30, 2014
I've not got into modifying my DX-R8 because I find it fairly acceptable "out of the box".

However you may wish to look at mt free *charity ware* DriveR8 program for programming and doing full control of your DR-R8. Also has scheduled tuning and audio recording functions so you can catch those broadcasts when you are not around.

See DriveR8 Control Program