All Channels Locked Out

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Jan 7, 2010
I have a Radio Shack Pro 97 1000 Ch. Tripel trunking scanner that I have had & listened to for years but now have a problem. First, to start out, I am not by any means a radio or electronics pro. I am illiterate when it comes to tech stuff. I just read directions, follow them & hope stuff works out. Now to my problem. My scanner is on all the time 24-7 and I do not mess with it so I don't know how this problem came about but I now can not get it to pick anything up. The readout just says " all channels locked out ". I do not know how this happened as I said I don't mess with it, I just listen to it. I only listen to channels that I have programmed in myself for my immediate area & they are the ones locked out. I know they are there as I can run through them manually & I can see they are still programmed in. I can go to the other channels that are preprogrammed ( ie. air, fire & so on ) & pick them up but not the ones I put in. The users manual has been of no help ( I can't understand most of it ) & the only thing I can find on locked out channels is for a single locked out channel & I know how to do that. I hope someone can help me with this problem & in a way that a dummy like me can understand because I am lost without my scanner. Thank you.

Not open for further replies.