All or Nothing - Trunking Question

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Mar 3, 2014
Spring, Texas
I still need some help with my GRE PSR-400. I have downloaded from Radio Reference via the Web Import feature in Win97, my desired trunking data for USA/Texas/Harris County/Motorola TxWARN system, and my select sites and talkgroups. I will include two different template files here as an example of both of what I will explain next.

First, I simply select ALL sites and then selectively picked the talkgroups that I wanted to listen to in each respective Bank. I did "lockout" some of the channels within those talkgroups too. But, the problem that I ran into with this template is that EVERY transmission that I hear on the banks containing trunked frequencies, irregardless of which bank or channel it comes across on, always displays Site26 Ch09. And, I am hearing all kinds of agencies that I have no interest in listening to, not to mention were not part of the talkgroups that I selected.

To try a remedy this, I tried to just select the sites closest to my geographic region in the county (as recommended by a friend with a radio shop). So, I selected only SItes 002, 003, 006 and 014. All of the same talkgroups as before. But this time, the banks containing trunked data was completely silent.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on?



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