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Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response (ARMER) System

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Jun 15, 2007
Metro Area MN
The ARMER System is in the process of implementing a statewide build out (Phase 4, 5 and 6). The implementation of the ARMER System backbone in the remaining 55 counties of the state of Minnesota has been funded ($186 million). Implementation in the remaining 55 counties of the state will occur over the next four years with completion anticipated by the end 2012. When completed, the ARMER System will consist of six interlinked zones.

Here is just a little background information about the system.

Phase 1 and 2:

The Metro Area Regional backbone system has been successfully operating since 2001. The Metro Area Local subsystem additions have been progressing and all seven counties of the metropolitan area should be operating on the ARMER System by the end of 2008.

Phase 3:
The regional backbone of the ARMER System is currently under construction. The Rochester and Saint Cloud Local subsystem additions in Olmsted Co. (Rochester) and Stearns Co. (St. Cloud) are already in place and operating. The estimated completion for the Phase 3 backbone is the end of 2009.

Here is a PDF file of the proposed ARMER System to explain the phases:
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