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Allina Med Trans CAD

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Aug 3, 2005
Minneapolis Area
Short Version -
Allina is getting a new CAD system identical to the system that the city of Minneapolis just began using last May. Id imagine changes in their commnication process, but well see as this develops.

Long Version -
TriTech Software Systems, announces its contract signing with Allina Medical Transportation. Under the contract, TriTech Software Systems will provide Allina with its computer-aided dispatch and mobile data solutions in addition to an EMS Billing Solution developed by Acadian Ambulance. “After a thorough evaluation of products from several vendors, the TriTech solutions were the best match for
our needs,” says Patrick Keogan, IS manager for Allina Medical Transportation. “TriTech’s VisiCAD Command was the only solution to fulfill 100% of our technical requirements. We are looking forward to implementing the new TriTech solutions to be able to continue to provide a premium level or emergency response and nonemergency
services to the residents of Minnesota.” Allina Medical Transportation selected VisiCAD Command for its ability to effectively manage 9-1-1 emergency response and scheduled medical transports and to seamlessly integrate with electronic patient care reporting
and billing system. VisiCAD Command features integrated mapping technology to graphically display incident and/or cell phone caller locations as they are entered into the system and real time mapping, automatic vehicle location and other integrated data that can be utilized for timely and efficient unit recommendations in order to achieve minimum response times. With its integrated mapping, in-vehicle navigation and GPS, extensive Messaging with photo transfer capability, VisiNet Mobile enhances personnel safety in the field and facilitates easy and fast access to critical information. In addition the AR2000 Billing system developed by Acadian Ambulance is fully integrated with VisiCAD for immediate access to information regarding patients, transports and billing data to further streamline the administrative processes of Allina.
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