Alpha Tags out of sync

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Mar 13, 2014
Goderich, Ontario
I need some assistance... I broadcast alpha tags on my feed and it has come to my attention that the tags are out of sync with the audio on some (not all) applications by about 8 seconds (ahead of the audio). I have the ability to delay the tags but that just fixes the problem for some and creates it for others. Does anyone else have this problem (I believe it affects everyone - I have tested other feeds with identical results) or possibly have any solutions? What I want to do is track down which applications have the sync problem and which do not. Then I can at least attempt to find a solution. For that, I'll need some help.

I'm asking anyone and everyone that would be so kind as to spare a few minutes to have a listen to my feed and let me know if their application shows the tags in sync with the audio or not. You can post your results here or e-mail them to me. I will post my findings so that anyone else with this problem might also benefit from my efforts or, at the very least, know which applications work best for listening to feeds with alpha tags. I need as many people as possible with as many different configurations as possible to, hopefully, find a pattern. I will put it all into a database and post it when I have enough data. Thank you in advance to anyone that spares a few minutes to help with this problem.

My e-mail address is
The feed is "Huron and Perth Counties OPP" (Huron County, Ontario, Canada).
The URL is

Please include when you were listening (date, time), your device (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, etc..), operating system (Windows 7, Linux, iOS, etc..), and the application you used (Scanner Radio, WinAmp, web player, etc..). Also, if you were listening through the web player on the website, please include the browser you used (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc..). Thanks.

P.S. - one example is "Scanner Radio". From what I've seen, the iOS version (iPhone, iPad) shows the tags out of sync, but the Android version is in sync. This was tested with multiple feeds, on multiple devices, and multiple methods of internet connection, by three different people, in different parts of the world; all with identical results. I have e-mailed the app programmer regarding the issue but have not yet received a response.
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