Am I missing anything in Sturgeon County ?

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Apr 9, 2018
Edmonton , Alberta , Canada
Hello all ,
I own 2 RadioShack Pro 95 scanners . Been listening for around 6 years or so. I am aware of the change over to AFRRCS system. But I don't want to spend the high hundreds of dollars to get a digital scanner to listen to those frequencies.

I live near Gibbons and commute to Edmonton daily for work , I have a Diamond RH77CA antenna I use while in my home. Works fairly well. Then I attach the Pro 95 to a mobile antenna on my truck. It's a wide band whip about 3 feet tall . Works good as well.

My question is are there any other frequencies worth monitoring ?

I currently listen to:

1) Most of the local Ham amateur radio frequencies .. like HM, NHB , QCR and so on. Always like listening to the guys on their chit-chat.
2) STARS frequencies.
3) All of the LADD, Alberta wide , Resource Road trucking channels.
4) GMRS , FRS frequencies.
5) Aviation frequencies.
6) Edmonton Fire rescue.
7) Edmonton Police - still running analog for the time being.

Can I get any Canadian military frequencies? Railroad?
I live in Sturgeon County . Are there any frequencies that I can monitor like Gibbons Fire Dept? Or Peace Officers? Sheriff's?

I can navigate through the RadioReference frequency but don't exactly understand which frequencies I can receive with my scanner .
Thanks to anyone who can offer up any suggestions .

Also, would it be worth it to upgrade to a Uniden 125AT ?


Sep 20, 2008
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Once all city of Edmonton departments migrate to AFRRCS, and no radios are registered on the EDACS system, the EDACS Migration Gateway will stop simulcasting AFFRCS in the EDACS system. If you wish to continue to listening to any of the city of Edmonton, you WILL need a digital scanner, however EPS is 100% encrypted on AFRRCS and you won’t be listening to them. Same with AHS dispatch. Only the MA-11 to MA-14 talk groups are in the clear.

St Albert Fire, Strathcona Fire, Leduc City and county and Ft Sask Fire(I believe)have all migrated to AFRRCS. There is less and less to listen to in the capital region that is NOT on AFRRCS.


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Dec 14, 2009
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
Just had a look at the database for your county and see a few key frequencies missing you could monitor on your current scanner.
Sturgeon County Fire Simplex all areas 154.055
Calahoo Fire 138.585 Tone 103.5
Redwater 138.585 Tone 118.8
Bon Accord/Gibbons 152.465 Tone 100.0
Legal 150.125 107.2
Morinville 150.575 110.9
Nameo 152.015 114.8
Military Police Nameo 149.350
Military Fire Nameo 149.140


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Feb 15, 2002
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The PRO-95 is so old that it doesn't even support CTCSS tones. Odds are good that you may be able to get by without putting the tones in, but you will likely experience one of two things:

1. Interference - noise on the channel when there is no actual radio traffic going on
2. Cross talk - for example Calahoo and Redwater FD use the same frequency with a different tone, so you will hear both departments on the one frequency.
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