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Amateur Radio Operators - One of the Unseen Heroes

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Dec 19, 2000
Park Hills, MO
This a copy of a letter to the letter to my local and former home newspapers. Thought you will like to read it. Enjoy

There are numerous unknown heroes that have stepped up to the plate to assist communities during and after the recent hurricane Katrina emergency. The radio operators assist in communications when other methods of communications fail.

I am talking about the Amateur Radio Operators who assisted the various agencies such the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Local Authories such as the Fire, Police and Local Emergency Preparedness Agencies.

People may not know this but these operators put in many hours in assisting in disasters, festivals, parades, and many other functions in the neighborhood.
They hold training sessions with their various clubs and train to handle emergency situations.
To become an Amateur Radio Operator you must pass a test that has 35 questions on the various related subjects to get your Technician Level entry license. This license gives broadcasting privileges for 6 meters, 2 meters and 70 centimeters otherwise known as bands and also Echolink for communications.
For more information please contact the American Radio Relay League at the following website. http://www.arrl.org/


Completely Banned for the Greater Good
Mar 22, 2005
Point Pleasant Beach, N.J.
Hi Dave and readers,

Thanks for the PR!

And besides handling emergency and health and welfare traffic or otherwise operating in the public service we have a lot of fun just doing what we do. So listeners, why not put out a bit of effort and become hams? There are plenty of us out there and many have gathered together in clubs just for the purpose of the common interest which includes training, education and helping those interested in joining our ranks.

Consider this, you can get an all band all mode ham rig with "DC to light" receive with scan (no digital or trunking) for the price of a high end scanner and oh, they come with microphones. Now what was that story about the man who sold all that he had for a pearl? You don't have to go that far but sacrificing your first born son to the radio god sure helps. (;->)
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