Amateur Radio

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Jan 28, 2007
Question, probably the wrong place to ask, but...

I was looking through a pile of documentation the Rac's website, as well as IC's website. Everything that I've found leeds me to believe that as long as I have my basic operating ticket, i can use any of the frequencies listed as long as I'm not causing interference to other users, as well as not going below the 50 mhz region. (reference: In terms of operating equipment it must remain within in the IC restrictions. (reference:

As well the frequencies can not be used for commercial purposes, but if I want to just get a few radios for fun, and as long as everyone's using them has their certificate, we can operate inside the designated frequencies.

I know this is a very watered down readers digest version of the hobby, but could someone clarify if what i've stated is wrong?
Not open for further replies.