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Amber Alert, as paged

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Dec 11, 2002
Police Looking For 9-Month-Old Boy Taken By Mother

(CBS4) ENGLEWOOD, Colo. A mother who does not have legal custody of her son took the 9-month-old and is missing from Englewood, police said Saturday morning. The boy requires medication every 4 hours and the mother left without taking the medicine.

A counselor at a residential treatment center where the mother was residing under court order called authorities at about 11:30 p.m. Friday night to report Jamari Alexander missing.

The counselor told police Hangatu Jateny took her son and ran away with Brenda Zamora, another resident at the treatment center under court order.

Authorities released pictures of Alexander and Jateny. They said the case was not an Amber Alert because there was no vehicle description.

Zamora was last seen wearing a pink sweatshirt and white jeans.

A felony warrant has been issued for Jateny.
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