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AMBER ALERT ! Colorado Springs

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Mar 1, 2006
Westminster, Co
COLORADO SPRINGS - Police issued an Amber Alert for a missing 8-month-old Sunday morning.

Colorado Springs Police say Azeria Kabwasa was inside a minivan that was stolen from a Walgreens parking lot at 3480 N. Academy Blvd. by an unidentified Hispanic man around 6:55 a.m.

Both Azeria and a 3-year-old child were in the van, but police say the 3-year-old was recovered safely by police at a parking lot.

They are still searching for Azeria and the van.

The minivan is a green 1995 Mercury Villager with Colorado license plate: 428-MGO.

The man was wearing a black hat, black leather jacket, black jeans and white shoes.

If you have any information or see the minivan or Hispanic man you are urged to contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911

Thank you Bob

Colorado Springs: child abduction
Colorado Springs: Carefree Circle and N. Academy Blvd, within the last
hour, 2X child kidnapping. Male abducted a 7 month old and 3 year old,
and then dumped the 3 year old nearby. 7 month old missing, BOLO for a H/M wearing waist length black leather coat driving a '95 green Mercury mini-van, CSPD midnight shift being held over, Air 1 req soon as WX permits. Search is almost door to door
in the area.
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