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May 31, 2006
...been an America fan since "Horse with no name" came out around 40 years ago. Their last two CD's are real keepers in my opinion. "Back pages" is a cd of cover songs and while America almost exclusively generate/write their own songs these are great covers! "Here and now" released a couple of years is top notch too.
Jeff Larson is a singer/songwriter I've been listening to for a few years now. He grew up a fan of pop music including "America"... as a matter of fact Beckley and Bunnell (America) have appeared on many of his CD's. Jeff Larson is my alltime favorite singer/songwriter.
I like lots of music... bluegrass, easy listening, country, etc., etc. I listen to shortwave a good bit and enjoy alot of the Spanish, Asian and middle east music I find across the dial.
Anyway, just want to add that anyone who likes America's music/songs ought to give Jeff Larson a try.

jeff... Ohio
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