Amtrak NE Corridor

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Jan 14, 2001
Northeast Maryland
Busy Holiday train travel on Northeast Corridor via Amtrak/C-TAC dispatch tonight.
Busiest day of the year as extra trains and also a trespasser was hit near Newark Del this afternoon so still some restrictions in place for area mile marker 33-35 Track 3 out of service.Was a Holiday extra train with 536 pax aboard...Trains are packed tonight..
Up here I can copy C-TAC section 3 and 4 dispatches on 162.920 PL 103.5 between Wilm
and Northeastern Maryland.. With delays and restrictions keeping real busy tonight..
One crew reports will blow up at 7:45 pm (aka FRA mandatory end of duty service) and dispatch asks him if they can get to Baltimore for relief crew standing by to take over.
Technically a engineer/conductor crew that blows up can park train in middle of nowhere,passengers and all and wait for relief crew but they usually make the next station on the Corridor.
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