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Jun 5, 2014
Good Day to all! I just want to say hi. I have been studying for my tech ticket as time allows, work and general everyday life gets in the way a lot. Hopefully I can take a crack at an exam soon(hopefully) this summer sometime. Yes I realize the pool is changing this summer for the questions, been meaning to get an updated book. I live in Southern New Jersey outside of the city of Philadelphia. Currently looking at a mobile set up for my truck, seems like I'm in it a lot more than home! I also want it to travel with since I travel to north east Pa a lot.
I used to attend hamfests years ago, but haven't been recently. Also looking into radios, I have been researching the Icom and Kenwood lines. I need to go to Hamradio Outlet in Delaware to get a feel for the models available.
Well for now that's about all, I just didn't want to be a silent member of this message board. Been doing a lot of reading and enjoying the board!
Brian aka Valsmere, hopefully soon to have a call sign!!
Not open for further replies.