TRX-1: Analog conv not recording..?


Jul 18, 2016
Bothell, WA
Okay so here's a simple test. I wiped my TRX-1 and reset to factory defaults. I added a handful of [analog] railroad frequencies to a scanlist all of which are marked to record. After an overnight session, I'm getting VERY FEW recordings... like <10 recordings total. I can monitor it live and watch signal after signal pop up (and I see the recording icon) but there's no saved recording afterward. Any ideas???

After seeing the above, I wiped the SD card and tried again. (BTW, I'm using the factory microSD card.) Formatting the card had no effect.

I do note that some of these voice channels are of low audio. It's def not a signal problem as I've had full-strength signals go unrecorded. I've had long-winded (but lower audio) conversations go unrecorded. So what's going on..?


Premium Subscriber
Feb 18, 2016
Some ideas as I do not know why it would record some transmissions but not all of the same freq assuming this is analog frequencies, Make sure global record is enabled, under the advanced tab, the audio options. make sure under each frequency record is checked off, make sure the squelch is set properly, if that doesn't fix it then try reinstalling the cpu firmware, if that doesn't fix it delete everything TRX in the "My documents folder" make sure your data is archived before hand. Then use the prepare card feature in ezscan to prepare the card and install your configuration.