Analog Scanners In The State Of Maine

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Aug 12, 2017
Hi I Live in Standish Maine 04084 and can not afford the new digital scanners and need to replace my handheld scanner with a new one and was looking at getting the Whistler 1010 and just want to know how well that comes in for my area and all other towns in Maine inside and outside. And also want to know before I buy the Whistler 1010 if besides Portland Maine and the Maine State Police will my town and every other single town in Maine always stay on analog for ever and never go digital so that if I was to buy the Whistler 1010 it will never stop working ever and become a brick do to digital because also like digital scanners but cant afford them they cost to much money and I really like listing to police fire rescue game wardens and life flight and don't want to have to give up doing so because went digit
al at some point down the road. And is the Whistler 1010 a good make and model and the analog scanners I can afford. And Radio Shack in Windham Maine 04062 wont even carry the digital scanners because they cost way to much money and there customers wont pay it and they only carry analog scanners and they told me also sell a lot of the Whistler 1010. Thanks Andrew Jackson


May 29, 2011
York county Me.
Well 1st off, you do know about EBAY correct? They sell thousands of scanners..
And 2nd off -- reception will be best with external antenna..
3rd, good luck listenning to Biddeford on ANY store bought item, they are %95 encrypted..
However, If you leave the state and goto NH, a digital scanner WILL be a good thing to have..
The good news is -- you're in the right place for advice, good luck
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