Another Pro-2006 / OS456 Thread :)

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Mar 17, 2008
Hello all,

I (like many others) have been unable to obtain the full version of this board and am missing tone decoding and signal strength. I just wanted to know if there is anyone who has done anything to get this info into the serial port. I know adding an external s-meter isn't a big deal and there is separate software to decode tones, but I would really like to make full use of probe by bringing this info into it.

One thing I have wondered is "What is this mysterious obsolete chip?" It was a supplier who stopped making it, not Optoelectronics, so perhaps it could be found in some other device I could pick up for a few bucks. Of course, even if I found the magic chip in some other device and was willing to risk soldering it onto the existing pads, I have no idea if the firmware was changed. If someone could at least identify the chip, perhaps google could find some more info than I've been able to turn up with the knowledge I have.

I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has any technical info about restoring this board to its full functionality or supplementing it with some sort of daughter board to get everything working.

Not open for further replies.