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From user Michael-SATX
Does anybody find it odd that in the month of Jan 2012 we no longer hear our 3 remaining news media crews? It's very strange these 3 all go at the same time !
KENS-TV Sky-5 on 455.0500/146.2 fired their news director and dumped their leased helocopter I confirmed.
KSAT-TV Sky-12 on 450.6125/151.4 just went pQQf in Jan too ... hope their not using LTR PP like WOAI Sky-4 News.

KABB-TV 29 News Crew also went pQQf last month on APC LTR TG=0-04-040 HR4 of 860.6125 .

WOAI Highway Traffic Reports went silient almost a year ago on Ind.Comm SSA LTR TRS TG=0-02-166 HR=451.8625 .
WOAI-TV Sky-4 is on Ind.Comm LTR Passport LTR - During the day forget it to many service companies with non-stop yapping ... during flight while they are covering a news story you can try scanning HR's of 463.6625 & 452.9750 w/no delay to lessen the obnoxious and rapid LTR Passport data bursts. I leave them locked out and have manually sat on them with success later at night when several service companies are not constantly transmiting like they are during the daytime monday thru friday,etc.
ps~Lets us use our collective resources and find what these valuable groups now use !
best regards..Mike
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