Antenna And Wind - Question About An Idea


Dec 10, 2011
Chino Valley, AZ
I’ve put up a lot of antennas in my time but I never ran into a situation quite like I have now. Would like some input on what I’m thinking of doing and was wondering if this is going to have an effect on this antenna’s performance and SWR’s. I wasn’t sure whether this should go under Antenna’s or the CB Thread.

See The Graphic On What I’m Thinking Of Doing

I have a ProComm PT99 (the Proton) on a 25 Ft Mast which makes the overall height 43 Feet high. We have some really strong winds where we live and my concern is the antenna itself snapping in two. We can have some really strong winds in excess of 50 MPH. The mast itself is a 2 Inch pipe and is guy wired securely but with 18 Ft of antenna sticking up in the air, it just seems pretty precarious.

My thinking is that I cut a piece of ¼ or ½ inch Plexiglas with of course a center whole to slide down the antenna about half way. There would be 4 additional wholes where I could attach a non-conductive guy line (something like para cord) to give the antenna some extra support. My concern is how this would affect the antenna’s performance.
Antenna Support Guy Lines.png


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Jul 27, 2005
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If it's all non-conductive, it should not really impact performance at all.
It's very common for tall AM broadcast towers, where the entire tower is the radiator, to be guyed at multiple points. They use steel cable and insulate the attachments at the tower, and at periodic non-resonate lengths along the cable. Using plexiglass and paracord should work just fine.

Some ideas...
You can get sheets/blocks of delrin and machine it pretty easily. It'll stand up to long term UV exposure.
Dacron guy lines are commonly used for amateur radio use. You can get it in many different sizes and like the delrin, it's UV stable.