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Aug 28, 2008
Desert Hot Springs, CA.
I have a number of assorted rubber duck type antenas, and was wondering how you can tell what the frequencie ranges is on the antennas.

One is about 4" long and made by Hytennas

no. two is 10" long no name and has a 1/4 28 threded studd at the end it has a fairly cours wound coilabout 7" long and the remainder is a finner wound coil

no. three is 11' long 31/2" course wound coil then 1 1/2"of smooth antenna, then another 4" of course wound coil again.

The last one is 7.5 " long and is course wound at the base and about 2.5 " from the tip is fine woundand smaller in diamater.

All antiennas are about 1/2" in diamater at the base and taper to about 1/4-3/8" at the tip.

I use the 7.5" on my 396xt, and it works well,much better than the original. while the others don't seem to have the same reception abilities the one with the threaded end I can't use as I have no adapter for it. and can not find one that fits it..
I don't seem to get anything on the 4" antenna unless I'm just not utilizing the right frequencies.
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