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Antenna Question

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Jul 15, 2013
Hey guys,

I have purchased a nice Cobra CB radio and mounted it in my 2006 Jeep Liberty. However, I am trying to find an antenna that will work nicely and fit nicely with my car. I was hoping for maybe a shorter NMO mount antenna, but is that possible with a CB or does the antenna have to be long? If it does have to be long, I am needing somewhere to mount it. I like the idea of the spare tire mount but Im not sure if anyone makes one for the Jeep Liberty. Any help is appreciated..



Dec 13, 2007
Mojave Ca
Hello R16: Yes there are shorter CB (10 and 11 meters band) Antennas that use a NMO base, I have used them with good results.

As the antenna is made shorter the matching circuit in the base of the antenna becomes more massive, resulting in more loss and less bandwidth, so these are the trade offs. But the NMO Antennas seem to be short as compared to the other 5 or 6 foot or longer antennas. Many Jeep owners use the Spare Tire Carrier to mount a short antenna. Many just need a mile or two of range, and use a real short antenna say 18" or so. The addition of a 3x3" "L" Bracket might have to be added to allow the mounting of a NMO Antenna.

I am sure if you look up NMO CB Antennas on Google you run a few dealers who sell these antennas.

Good Luck

Jay in the Mojave
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Jul 27, 2005
I am a lineman for the county.
Larsen NMO27 was always my favorite. I installed a lot of those back in the 90's. With a permanent mount in the center of the roof of a full size truck or SUV, they looked a lot more professional than most of the consumer antennas, and performed very well.
Length and efficiency go together. Shortening an antenna is going to make it perform worse. The NMO-27's have a whip about 49 inches long. Shortening it will change the resonance point, and thus mess up the SWR. Nice thing about those, though, is that the whip is pretty slender and blends in. So while it may be long, it's still pretty low profile.
Since they are a higher grade antenna, you may also find they'll outlast the consumer antennas. I've still got a few from the 90's that work great.
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