Antennas for MOSWIN

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Mar 2, 2014
I am looking for 150-174 and 700/800 Mhz antennas to monitor MOSWIN.

My location is just across the MO river at Jefferson City MO in Holts Summit,
I am using sdr dongles with OP25 and DSDPlus fastlane, antennas are a discone
at 10 feet and a dual band Diamond X510 at 30 feet both fed with LMR 400.

I am able to get good results from the Eagle Ridge and Ashland sites and acceptable
results from the Jefferson City 700 site, however I would like to be able to access other
sites such as the Tuscumbia 700, the Kingdom City 700 and the High Point VHF sites.

One of the antennas I am looking at is the Ringo Ranger ARX2, I know it is designed for
ham radio use but could it be used as receive only in this situation, as far as the 700 Mhz
antennas I am open for suggestions.
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