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Feb 24, 2001
There is a nice little electronics shop by the TA truck stop called Antenna's and Radio's Plus. The owner there is Steve. He knows radios but his only services is tweaking, repairing, and aligning citizens band radios He also sells CB radios and Antennas.

With the recent events with Radio Shack, we radio hobbyists who prefer to do business locally are suffering from Radio Shack's bad business decisions over the years.

What I am proposing to people within 50 miles of Oklahoma City call into Antenna's and Radios Plus and ask for things like scanner radio, shortwave radio, radio antennas for such, coax, connectors, and other accessories. This will sort of tell Steve that there is enough of a demand and it could help his business. He already has truckers for a demand in CB radios.

Steve has nothing in stock for scanners and shortwave radios. We are only proving demand to Steve as he is the only one in Oklahoma County worth doing business with.

Steve told me he is looking into it. He said another guy called him last week looking for scanner stuff. After we hung up the phone I got the idea to ask people here on RR forums to call in to help our situatiion.

Not everyone likes to order online and wait for a shipment. I rather give local business my business. Nothing else even remotely radio like Antenna's and Radio's Plus in Oklahoma City.

Google has the phone number and address. I do not think address and phone numbers are allowed on RR forums.

PLEASE DO NOT TELL STEVE THIS REQUEST!! He doesn't know, or at least I think he doesn't visit RR forums, I did this.
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