Any DelMarVa (Maryland/DE) tower owners; looking for residential antenna tower installers; recommendations


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Feb 26, 2022
DelMarVa Peninsula
I reside on the DelMarVa Peninsula, scanner radio enthusiast (but also follow ham radio and have more than casual learning interest for the future) and was wondering if anyone has recommendations for a residential tower installer. I'm looking for a ~50 foot tower for two (2) gain directional yagi antennas for Wilmington, DE area (to the north) and general DelMarVa (to the east) rail monitoring.

I also have a Diamond discone and gain marine omni directional antennas for air and marine bands but the height achievable by simpler rooftop masts will suffice for these. Low-loss coax feeds will go into dedicated air and marine radios. One rail yagi will go into a dedicated radio; the second yagi into a multicoupler to multiple scanners. Recently retired, I'm looking to get back into the scanner radio hobby I left at my previous Dundalk, MD residence when we relocated to rural in 2000, and advance from there.

Ham radio has always held a fascination; I first got the "bug" re radio waves back in nerdville high school and a mentor-like science teacher. Being an astronomy enthusiast with a "retirement" back yard telescope observatory has only piqued my curiously re amateur radio astronomy...though I understand this is quite advanced.

Thanks for any feedback or suggestions.


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You might plan a hf log antenna like a tennadyne brand on that tower if you get hf fever 🥵 and couple of pulleys or i bolts to hang some hf wire from. Listening to hf marine band is also possible/ and vhf / the tower space could become limited quick as the wind load increases.