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Any electricians in the house?

Mar 12, 2014
Got it. Just remember to get you connections good and tight. Just make sure you don't strip anything. The grease helps keep the oxidation at bay. If you use the proper receptacles instead of the pigtails, you can pop the covers off the outlets and inspect them periodically. While I don't have aluminum wire to most outlets (dryer only, the stove and such are hard wired) I do check in on things every once in a while.

If you find that you have any burnt wiring, make sure you cut back until it's good. Trying to connect to bad wire will just cause more of the same problem. The insulation should not be discolored or brittle and the wiring underneath should be smooth with no pitting. It probably won'be be shiny but you can clean it up with a scotchbrite pad (preferred) and wipe it off right before applying the grease and assemble the connection.