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Any Ham Radio related eclipse 2017 activities

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Oct 11, 2005
No eclipse special stations?

I figured with the solar eclipse next week that there would be some special event stations calling "CQ" from the totality zone. Then again, who wants to be inside fiddling with the radio, when the action is outside looking up in the sky?
Dec 18, 2005
There published on the league's site ,QST, and was in the weekly news letter , there tons of special events & stations all though in places with the best viewing it's SRO , hotel rooms booked solid months ago at $3500 a night , if I remember right the two biggies are going to be K9E ,W0E operating in Illinois.

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Jul 25, 2004
There are several projects to track how the total (and partial) eclipse will affect radio transmissions, especially how they affect the ionosphere, and folks are asked to participate. One such project is this 2017 Total Solar Eclipse | HamSCI

While it may be too late to receive and build the equipment required for some of the projects, a typical HF and/or VHF or VHF/UHF radio (including scanners) can be used by some of the projects to collect the data to send to them. If you have the correct software (see the above link for examples) and associated transmitters (and necessary ham license), you can send out transmissions for others to receive and analyze.
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