Any Radio Shack PRO-2052 owners that programmed a Motorola Type IIi Hybrid system?

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Jun 7, 2016
I have a friend who wanted me to program a PRO-2052 with some trunking systems.
It's the Newer version with the updated firmware.

I first programmed a EDACS system with the 4 frequencies in the correct Logical Channel
Numbers LCN order and when I pressed trunking it started searching for ID's on that
system and worked great. It took me about 5 minutes to program after reading the manual
for about 15 minutes. I didn't even have to program any IDs because it was searching for
them and I could lock out any I didn't want to listen to.

Next came the Motorola Type IIi Hybrid.

I pressed trunk, selected an empty bank, selected E1 for Motorola Type I, 800 MHz
frequencies and started entering the 1 control channel and the 1 alternate control
channel. I then entered the custom fleet map (This I wasn't sure of).

RR said it's B0=S1, B1=S2, B2=S2, B3=blank, B4=S0, B5=S0, B6=blank and B7=blank.
The Scanner options were S0 to S14 and no blank so I put S=0 for B3, B6 & B7.

So with the Trunk type programmed, control frequencies and fleet map I tried to search
for ID's. the scanner would only scan and not search even when holding the search for 1
second. All this was with trunk enabled and showing on the display. I even tried locking
out the EDACS trunking system I programmed earlier. I don't hear anything on this Motorola
system but I do on another scanner.

I even later tried entering all the system frequencies in the scanner with the control
channels first but still no luck. I did notice that when I scanned in conventional mode,
I heard a data signal on what I believe a voice channel and nothing on what was said to
be the control channel. I also tried programming that frequency as a data channel by
itself but still no luck.

Here is the details on the single site Motorola Type IIi Hybrid with analog voice.

Bell Mobility Trunking System, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador - Scanner Frequencies

Any suggestions on what else to try or is it that you can only search EDACS ID's
and not Motorola Type IIi Hybrid IDs?

The PRO-2052 does not support rebanded systems and as far as I know, Canada did not reband the Motorola system here, only the FCC in the USA.
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