Any S W going on with Chile

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Jul 22, 2002
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There's one report from Glenn Hauser on the NASWA list of CVC 17680 at 1812 with Spanish about the quake. As he mentions, it's likely the report is coming from a Miami studio, not from Chile itself. Apart from the Christian Voice station, there's little HF broadcasting coming out of Chile these days. Even HCJB, with its greatly reduced schedules, may have only a little second hand info about the quake. You can check the NASWA schedules spreadsheet to see if there's anything left of the HCJB English service, but I kinda doubt it.

Be sure to check the DX Listening Digest Yahoo group, the NASWA Yahoo group and the various SW lists to see if anything shows up. We have some of them listed below at the bottom of the article

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