Any software that reacts to DTMF

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Jun 21, 2016
New York, USA
I've been searching for software that can run certain actions when it detects specific DTMF sequences, I'm just not having any luck finding any. All I can find is a few programs that tell me what the code is, but that's all they do. If the software can do something as simple as send an email when it gets one of the codes it needs, that will work for me.

My idea is the PC I have recording the repeater will have software monitoring for DTMF and through whatever tricks I have to do, send out an IFTTT request based on the input. I'd use this for things such as having the ability to press a button on the truck radios or whatever and all the yard lights are turned on (they all are on smart switches and can be controlled by the IFTTT protocol, which can be triggered my many sources such as software or email).
Not open for further replies.