Anyone about here?


Jan 10, 2007
South Island, New Zealand
Hi All,
Just wondered if there were still people scanning around in little old New Zealand?
A couple of months ago I procured a RSP-1A SDR, best decision I ever made, I'm not into digital at all,
but the analouge things you can find with an SDR is awesome.

What are you other guys up to?


Dec 25, 2008
New Zealand
Here's a quick look at my desk in Palmerston North.

All tidy sml.jpg

From the top of the tall cabinet, two Uniden UBCT8 scanners, a Kenwood R2000 HF receiver, an Icom R7000 VHF/UHF receiver and a JRC NRD 515 HF receiver. Hiding behind the laptop, which is displaying the GUI for a Winradio G33DDC HF receiver, is a homebrewed power supply which delivers 13.8 volts to all those receivers that use 12volts, a small stereo amplifier that feeds the two speakers at the top of the tall cabinet, a GPS derived clock in UTC and couple of handhelds. The cabinet on the right contains a Behringer 8 channel stereo mixer which catches all the line output audio from the radios and feeds the selected audio to the amplifier and speakers - another output goes to an old desktop running "ScanRec" to catch the audio that I'm not listening to(?). Under that is a VLF/HF multicoupler which feeds signal to all the HF receivers (and others out of sight) from a triangular 30metre loop outside. The receiver at the bottom is an ex-marine Debeg 7313 which has great audio for HF and MF broadcast band reception.
The old desktop computer runs Windows XP and can display/control the scanners and the R7000. At the top of the tall cabinet is a KDK FM2030 for the Ham 2metre band and an MP3 player/VHF FM transmitter which I can feed from the mixer so I can hear everything from all over the house and garden - but not much further!