anyone else experience this

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Jun 28, 2006
when scanning my 396T locks on to a freq like its supposed to do. Then as i am listening to the broadcast, it kind of pulses meaning the sound at 2 second interval fades out (still locked on freq) and comes back. Its like listening to a conversation and every 2 its goes silent. I tried squelch adj and a few other things but no luck it still does it.even tried with wand without power cord...any ideas?


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May 10, 2005
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Deactivate Priority.

You probably have the Priority activated.

To deactivate:
  1. Press the Menu button on the left side of the radio.
  2. Scroll to Priority.
  3. Press E/Yes or press the top of the Sel/Vol/Sql button.
  4. Make sure Off is selected; if not, scroll until it is.
  5. Press E/Yes or press the top of the Sel/Vol/Sql button to select it.
  6. Press Scan.
Priority is for when you want a certain channel to come up when there is activity on that channel, overriding whatever other channel you may be on. This is useful when there is a frequency you don't want to miss the transmission no matter what you are scanning at the time. This causes the scanner to check that (those) frequencies every two seconds (because the scanner only has one tuner and has to pause for a split second to check the priority channel(s)).

You may set more than one channel in more than one system as a priority channel. Just know that when it is activated, it will pause every two seconds for a split second to check the priority channel(s).

When Priority is selected from the menu, you will see a "PRI" icon at the top of the scanner screen while in scan mode. When Priority Plus is selected, the "PRI" icon will blink.

A suggestion is to read the manual regarding Priority and Priority Plus.
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