Anyone have a good method for changing which groups are being monitored? (P25 PII w DSD+FL)

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Oct 15, 2015
I'm successfully monitoring a local system and it seems to be working well. I feel like I am missing some easier method of listening to any given talkgroup.

I realize I can lower the priority and change the monitoring threshold of the TG I want via the UI. It also seems I can hold a TG (though I've honestly not done that). I guess I was thinking that if I could easily have a "tunable favorites" UI of sorts, I could specify the TG via a command line operator, and thus launch a different batch file depending on what I want to listen to. That doesn't seem to be the case though.

Anything obvious I might be missing?

Edit: I got holds working now (the one time I'd tried it was wonky, but may have been a fluke). That's better, but still less than idea it seems In a perfect would there'd be a hook or something I could use, potentially even to make a dead-simple web-service (for eventually, a web interface).
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