Anyone near Pueblo? Info Please!

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May 5, 2009
Hey Folks -

Visiting the Pueblo area and am looking for some radio info to enjoy the hobby while local.

I'm trying to find a breakdown of PuebCo Callsigns and unit structure, for fire/ems/pd/sheriff.

The wiki has a fire district map but not much else.

Does anyone have any better callsign info for the various county agencies to put a "name, in a sense" to a unit's voice? For example, which units form the numeric structure of their call signs??

I notice there are 2 PPD Disp TG's; I assume they have 2 "Districts" that they are broken into. Does anyone know where the line would be that divides these two regions? How about the sheriff? Do they have a chart or anyone with the info breaking down their patrol areas, or is it just one, county-wide patrol zone? Like I said, I was able to get the fire zone map but nothing on law.

Is EMS/Rescue handled by FD? Not a lot in the DB on them.

Pueblo has some interesting ENC trends that I've noticed, too. To me, it's odd to see most fire tac tg's ENC for agencies where it is lacking elsewhere.

I'll probably think of more questions later to add but wanted to get that ball rolling to gather as much as possible.


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