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Anytone Anyone use the AnyTone AT-D578UV III Pro Tri-Band yet?


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Nov 19, 2005
Rats - I was hoping there was some magic going on with that radio and supporting SFR. Thank you all for your expenses and relaying your efforts with this.


Jul 29, 2011
Marble Falls, Texas
Update: So I went back to the drawing board and set up the 578 as a single frequency DMR repeater. Again, I got it to work around the house but still getting intermittent digital audio drops every once in a while. So it worked (kinda) but then again when I went beyond 1/2 mile the system doesn't transmit correctly (no range). I would agree with the other commentors here regarding desense on seperate frequencies but theoretically it should work in digital on the same frequency. Theses are packets that are being received on Time slot 1 and then rebroadcast (on the same frequency) on time slot 2. This is a digital carrier transmission similar to a TDMA (which the ETSI standard is) so it should work but doesn't. I reached out to Bridgecom Systems and have been waiting all week for a reply to this problem. They told me that even though Anytone says they have a "cross-band repeater mode" that it doesn't work because there is no internal duplexer and you actually need a real repeater. "Its just a radio", they said. They went on to say that it definitely is not designed to do VHF to VHF, or UHF to UHF cross-banding. I wish I would have known all this because I spent a good solid 2-3 weeks of trying to make it work. So I guess repeater here I come. Had a nice conversation regarding Hytera digital repeaters so I might go in that direction. Thanks everyone...
Thanks for all your efforts and sharing them. My only other suggestions are to try a low power transmit setting in the repeater mode and maybe trying identifying a non-standard pair of 70 cm amateur frequencies (greater than 5 MHz) with low power as well. Almost seems like a firmware problem that may be solvable but hasn't yet. When in cross-band mode, avoid frequency pairs that are three times (such as 151 and 453 Mhz) multiples as well.


May 2, 2007
Arvada, CO
I recently purchased the 578 and like the general hardware quality. I have some issues with the subsystems. For example, I have not been able to use the analog APRS. It seems that my radio is not transmitting any packets. I have a good GPS signal, per the indicator and GPS info page and I amusing a path that others seem to be able to use in the area. I have watched both the 878 and 578 You Tube videos on the subject as well. Anybody have any suggestions?

Also, I discovered the Bluetooth feature apparently doesn't work with my 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser and selecting the key assignments in the CPS software doesn't always work correctly. As far as sound quality, the volume is a bit weak but the quality is good. Overall I still like the radio.