Anyplace sharing Fav list?

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Oct 7, 2005
Canal Winchester Ohio
Going to be traveling from Columbus to Dallas and am looking for some fav list for areas that will be traveled. I do have the GPS puck but would prefer not to use the nationwide database.

Areas I will be traveling?
I70 across IN and IL
I44 Through MO to OKC
I35 from OKC to DAL
I30 from DAL to Little Rock
I40 from Little Rock to Nashville
I65 from Nashville to Louisville
I71 Back to Columbus

I know those are some broad areas but I like taking different ways so the trip is not as boring. I am intrested in State Police, Highway Patrol, Fire and EMS along with medical helos. I am not wanting to hear the private ambulance companie giving miles reports and stuff which I find I get quite a bit of here when using the nationwide database. If anyone could help that would save me hours of work constructing these list.
Not open for further replies.