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Anytone Anytone D868 Transmit Bug?


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Sep 10, 2008
New Jersey
I have an Anytone D868 and I have the latest FW on the device. FW 2.39 and HW 1.10

I received my ticket in June 2020 though I was using this radio to monitor public safety for quite some time prior to that.

I am not on DMR with the Anytone and multiple times I have had users report that I start to sound underwater.

I was advised by a few that it was a possible issue with the radio in that of a bug. I am not sure if that is true or not so wondering if anyone else has heard of this.

I have started transmitting lower power where applicable, but, if this is not something I can hear myself, is there a way perhaps I could test it?

I was hearing about a parrot channel? TG9990 (or 9999) basically repeating back to you?

Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Mar 2, 2004
Summer - Western NC; Winter - Tampa Bay FL


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Dec 19, 2002
Lewisville, TX
I can't say I've heard of muffled audio on an Anytone. I did have 2.39 on my 868 briefly, but went back to 2.37/1.37 (FW/CPS) as the CPS was creating a DFC file that the 3rd party contact manager application could not read. Maybe the mic hole between the 7 & 8 key is blocked or you are covering with your fingers. I don't think lower power will help other than not hit the repeater with the 5 watts and short antenna. Another possibility might be a low battery, so check the state of the charge when you get muffled audio. The radio should turn off if the battery gets below a specific voltage. Usually before that point is reached, all is working good, but can't say battery might not have some impact. 868 has been around for a long time with many updates to firmware. The last few have been around reception, not transmitting as I recall, but they could have broken something.

Quoting from you post below I'm not sure what you are convey. Maybe only using it in analog mode, which I don't think makes any difference. For a hardware issue I would focus on the analog audio chain in the radio before it gets digitized. In any case beyond what I would attempt fix myself.

"I am not on DMR with the Anytone and..."