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Apartment Installs.. Pic Requests!!

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Oct 1, 2006
Irvine, KY
Hey ya'll.. Yeah, I LOVE my home shack in my bedroom.. I never leave my bedroom. In the future, I plan to be getting a decent apartment. Of course, I'm gonna be implementing my scanners. My girlfriend is cool with this, and she said as long as I let her have her Nascar, I could have my scanners. Fair trade. :D

I was thinking something along the lines of setting up in the living room area. We will have a small computer desk, so hopefully, I'll be able to claim a small part of it for my scanners. I don't expect to have much. Probably a weather alert radio, Trunking base, and my Trunking handheld. Something basic, simple, yet that will provide lots of action.

Probably going to be living close to the town, which runs a trunked system, so the stock telescoping antenna / duckie will suffice, but I wouldn't mind having a little extra kick, in terms of a better antenna. Thought about taking a peice of coax and stripping the shield off and pinning it up in a corner, or taking a magnet mt scanner antenna and sticking it on top of a file cabinet or something.

Any apartment scannists around that could help me out a little bit and offer advice and tips? Anything will greatly be appreciated..
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