April 2013 DPS presentation on YRCS/AzWINS radio system

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Dec 28, 2002
Ahwatukee, AZ (Phoenix)
I ran across a good presentation by Kevin Rogers from DPS Wireless Systems Bureau with information about DPS movement to 700/800 Mhz. It is a 20 minute presentation with some good radio system information. Even though this was more than a year ago, it does not seem like much has changed since.


Some things that I found interesting:
-DPS wants to outfit all DPS Metro East, Center, West, and Motor units with Dual-Band UHF/700/800mhz to move to AzWINS and provide direct interop with valley agencies. Doing this would cost $20 Million to replace all valley unit radios. Currently no budget.
-ADOT Enforcement currently utilizes multi-band radios.
-DPS CI units currently have UHF/700/800mhz radios with encryption.
-DPS “motor” units are now equipped with UHF/700/800mhz portables since they are frequently involved with Interop events like presidential visits, super bowl, etc.
-Prior to upgrading DPS mobiles/portables, there is a project for taking 4 talkgroups from RWC, 4 talkgroups from TRWC, 4 talkgroups from YRCS/AzWINS, and 4 talkgroups from PCWIN and tie them all together. DPS dispatchers would then be able to do patches to UHF as needed.
-Build-out of AzWINS portion of the system was made possible by partnerships (YRCS sites), ADOT grants (2 sites), Homeland security funding (4 sites), and RICO funding (6 sites).
-2019 deadline to have 2/3rds of Arizona’s population with 700/800mhz YRCS/AzWINS radio coverage.

Tonight, I monitored an AZ DPS unit on Phoenix PD channel B4 (Radio ID 8230062) working a search with Phoenix PD in Ahwatukee. Based on the above info, I’m guessing this was a CI or motor unit.

There are many other old PSCC presentations available on YouTube (including the final PSCC/SIEC meeting discussing the PSCC being shut down). If anyone comes up with something else interesting, please share.



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Dec 19, 2002
DPS upgrades

My source at YRCS was asked about DPS stopping UHF/700 simulcasting. There are no plans to move wholesale to 700 away from UHF. UHF will remain on all mountaintops for the forseeable future.
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