APRS usage seen on the History Channel - The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch


Oct 1, 2012
Royal Oak Michigan USA
I have been watching a show about paranormal activity on the History Channel called The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. In an episode a few weeks ago they hired a professor to do a balloon launch with one of these RF sensors. In this episode they showed the APRS.FI webpage and I was able to read his callsign, KM4MRH so there was an APRS tracker on the balloon.

The APRS page shows the Skinwalker balloon launch data Google Maps APRS On the right side of the link you can click on Other SSID’s to see other balloon launches he has done.

Sadly for their ground based RF measurements they are using these for measuring RF fields rather than one of these these. The Trifield meters are a joke compared to a real spectrum analyzer.

Zack N8FNR