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APX series volume knob

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Aug 3, 2005
Minneapolis Area
My agency recently said goodbye to our trusty XTS5000s and migrated to APX6000s and 7000s. Street crews are using 6000s on MN's 800 MHz 9600 baud P25 system and Sups and Dispatch have the 7000s for Federal interop and backup redundancies.

The radios are really nice to far.. the Audio quality is much better, the weight and size decline are great, btu i have 2 major complaints. First is not anything we can change and that is the wicked long antenna, but compared to the antennas on the 7000s, my complaint is really moot.

The issue at hand is that the volume knobs seem to have too little resistance in them. Wearing a coat or just ingree/egressing the vehicle seem to be enough to send the volume knob to eaither too little or eardrum shatteringly loud.

We are not individually issued radios, the portable radios are specific to the vehicle you are in for that shift, so they see about 20-24 hours of time logged onto the system a day.

My Communications manager spoke with Motorola about this and they said they haven't heard about this issue yet, but I find that hard to believe that since all 130 paramedics at my agency seem to have been experiencing this same issue (although I think all of the old guys just have their portables turn off). Has anyone else experienced this issue with the volume knobs loosening up after about 2 months of use?
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