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APX6000 screen goes dark

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Jan 19, 2003
S. Florida
I'm having a strange issue and unable to identify the cause or the remedy.

I have multiple APX radios of numerous flavors. One one particular radio (APX6000) the screen will go dark and several TG's on the same system but not on others. Additionally it will not receive audio. It's almost as if it were in stun mode, but it's not.

Funny thing is I can import the exact same CP into a different radio using the same EID and no issues. Quite bizarre.

I have already flashed radio to newest firmware as well as completely rewritten the radio from a different known working radio.

Any recommendations?

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Dec 23, 2010

If your Importing and not cloning, some thing may not get transferred over kind of like drag and dropping. Although the radio profiles should get transferred/imported no problem.

But....just incase....
Check those specific TG's under.... (Zone channel assignment>Radio profiles Selection)

You can see what that particular radio profile settings are under (Radio Ergonomics Configuration>Radio Profiles).

Mine is set for <last selected> in all of my Zone Channel Assignments because I have added the ability to change the entire radio profile by adding PRFL to the menu items under controls.

It almost sounds as some of your TG's are set for covert profile, which is one of the default profiles in the radio when shipped.
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