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APX6500 Accessory Connector

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Aug 24, 2013
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I need some help with pinout and programming on an APX6500 O5 Dash Mount. I need to interface the radio to a Harris UAC Interoperability Gateway with Audio In, Audio Out, PTT and COR. Does anyone have the pinout for the rear connector and Digital In/Out programming area to match the PTT/COR pins?

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Sep 22, 2002
I need some help with pinout and programming on an APX6500 O5 Dash Mount. I need to interface the radio to a Harris UAC Interoperability Gateway with Audio In, Audio Out, PTT and COR. Does anyone have the pinout for the rear connector and Digital In/Out programming area to match the PTT/COR pins?

Here's the pinout of the XTL5000, which is identical. You'll need to refer to the APX installation manual and CPS help file for specifics on your radio, but it looks like pins 13, 16, 21 and 23 will do what you want without programming changes. Just keep in mind that Motorola is very fond of Active Low for darn near everything, so you may need to fiddle the COR and PTT settings on your device to match (you could also use transistors or optoisolators to flip the polarity).

1 - Ground
2 - SB9600 BUS+ Data
3 - SB9600 BUS- Data
4 - RS232 Transmit Data
5 - RS232 Receive Data
6 - USB - (Data)
7 - USB + (Data)
8 - SB9600 RESET
9 - SB9600 BUSY
10 - RS232 Clear-To-Send
11 - RS232 Request-To-Send
12 - USB Power (5V from USB accessory/cable)
13 - Channel Activity (qualified received signal)
14 - Ground
15 - Emergency (1)
16 - Push To Talk (2)
17 - One-Wire Data
18 - Vehicular Interface Output 1
19 - Vehicular Interface Output 2
20 - Speaker + (3.2 ohm minimum impedance)
21 - Receive Filtered Audio Out (3)
22 - Monitor Overrides PL (4)
23 - Rear Microphone Input (5)
24 - Switched Battery Voltage
25 - Ignition Sense (6)
26 - Speaker - (3.2 ohm minimum impedance)

(1) This pin must be connected to ground by jumper on accessory cable if emergency is disabled, even if disabled by CPS. If enabled, this line must be grounded via a switch, which is normally closed. The emergency debounce time is programmable via CPS.
(2) Pulling this line to ground will activate PTT function, activating the AUX_MIC input.
(3) Fixed level (independent of volume level) received audio signal, including alert tones. Flat or de-emphasis are pro- grammed by CPS. Output voltage is approximately 100 mVrms per 1kHz of deviation. The DC offset is 1.4V.
(4) This output is used to detect when a rear microphone accessory is taken off-hook, to override PL to alert the user to busy traffic prior to transmitting.
(5) This microphone signal is independent of the microphone signal on the front microphone connector. The nominal input level is 80mVrms for 60% deviation when used for motorcycle, but can also support 300 mVrms for future APCO accessories. The DC impedance is 660 ohms and the AC impedance is 560 ohms.
(6) See Table 2-1 in Chapter 2 for wiring options.


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Jun 22, 2017
Connector type?

Hi, I've been searching the net to try and find out what this connector is and if I can buy it anywhere, but this is the only page I've found that comes close! Do any of you know if this is a standard type connector or a motorola custom type? If its a standard type does anyone know the part number/description?

I've acquired an apx2500 and want to access some of the pins but it didn't come with the connector. :-(

Thanks in advance.



Jun 22, 2017
Toolman60 - thank you! That does seem to be the correct connector, although possibly the opposite sex to what I need in order to plug into the tranceiver. This has given me a good start though.

Next step is to try and find a vendor...


Apr 10, 2015
have a look on ebay or Moto you may end up having to get like the iginiton sense cable and adding your own pins to it. Moto was not famous for populating the connectors especially for their Astro Spectra line with pins. I just got my radio connector and added pins to make it.
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