APX8500 O3 head install 2020 Toyota Camry


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Aug 6, 2005
Mifflintown, PA
APX8500 installed in the trunk. NMO antenna hole drilled center of trunk and coax routed down trunk arm into trunk to radio brick. Control cable and speaker wire ran down the passenger side. Main power and ignition sense wires ran down the driver side. Ignition sense wire tapped into the fuse block under the dash on driver side. Main power routed through wire grommet in fire wall to engine compartment to battery with in-line fuse at battery. O3 head stored in storage area in center console. Hole drilled in side of storage cubby and then O3 head wire connected to control head extension wire on passenger side of center console. MagMic base secured behind dash. Small dent in dash notes where mic can go when out of storage. External speaker mounted to rear of center console. All wires in trunk and main power wire in engine compartment loomed. Quad band Laird antenna to be used once it arrives.