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Jul 29, 2009
Knoxville, TN
I own a Uniden 396XT and the ARC-XT software and have been having problems with a certain system. I use ARC and the RR database to program my radio but haven't had a single hit on the Tennessee "Federal" system for the Great Smoky Mountains to monitor the park rangers. I've put up multiple posts in the RR forums asking for help but nobody seemed to come up with a solution. That is, until tonight when user "DDan" noticed my system's frequencies under the P25NAC column were all "45" and not "4C5". That fixed the problem and I can monitor the park rangers perfectly.

Where I think there could be a bug is what happens between the RR database and how ARC converts the data. What we both noticed is that when you launch the RR database in ARC and load the GSMNP system [Tennessee/Agency/Federal/National Parks Service/Great Smoky Mountains National Park], the NAC for all the frequencies show up as "4C5". But, once you import the system it into ARC and check the settings, the P25NAC column displays "45" without the "C".

I just bought my scanner last month so the ARC-XT software I have installed is the latest. Like I mentioned, DDan helped me fix the problem but I wonder if other users are having similar issues and are unaware certain systems aren't working.


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