ARC-XT PRO upgrade problem

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Apr 14, 2007
I'm having a really bad time getting the update for the Pro. When I open the software a dialogue box would pop up stating there's a latest update available. I click it and it would take me to the website. I find the update that supposedly for my scanner (BCD996p2). I see it downloading but then there was a interruption at 10%. I would resume and finish the download.
Being a ZIP file, the zip extractor would not extract it, stating a corrupted file. After deleting the ZIP file from my computer, I managed to get the file downloaded, after a few tries. I zipped the file and had it installed to my computer. Upon opening the software, I see it's is the demo version. I tried to use the software keys to get it started. It would state the software is up to date. Later, when I open the software, it would say it's the demo version again.
I was trying to contact the customer service about this problem but couldn't get to them. The page supposed
to send me to the contact us info. Clicked the email section but nothing happened. So I can't get to customer service.
I'm really ticked off about this. I just registered my BCD996P2 so I could receive the DMR and Provoice updates. And I'm ready to take this step. Is there another software I can use to update my 996P2?


That is not Uniden software, so they won't be able to help you. Ask a Moderator to move your message to the Scanner Programming Software forum.
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