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ARC250 V1.19 BETA with radioreference.com import

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Dec 8, 2003
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I have released ARC250 V1.190 BETA (basic & pro).

This version is released for testing the radioreference.com import.

This is NOT an official update, if you do not want to test software and risk of data loss do not download/use ARC250 1.190 BETA.

I like to know if trunk systems imported in the software properly upload into the scanner and are properly scanned.

Overview of changes:

- Radioreference Conv. and Trunk systems import
- FCC lookup
- New Paste Frequencies option
- Fixed import problem
- Fixed search editor problem

Please report any problems by email.

Beta download site: http://www.butel.nl/bc785/betya.html

The radioreference.com download requires a subscription, for details
visit www.radioreference.com

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Oct 11, 2005
Jawjuh :)
O/S -- Gommert: mail problem? and Listing page update

Sorry to usurp any threads, but I have answered your messages to me 5 times, yet have had no response despite valid "return receipts". :-( - Perhaps this one will get to you. :)

I have used both my yahoo.com address and the w4nov.us address, but perhaps your spam filter is nuking them?

Am ready to initiate the Server here in Ga and have added my own "pending" GA listing on the Server listing page.

FYI: Have now added scanned-area WIKI links for every listing on the http://eazystream.info and .us Butel Server listing page to enhance the location information.

Hope we can communicate via here, my friend, as my luck elsewhere is bad! :)


Tom, W4NOV
http://eazystream.info (or .us) Server listing pages....
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