Armed Forces Day crossband 2022


Jan 5, 2004
Lo Co VA/ FM19
NSS was on the air yesterday operating from Annapolis MD on 7250.

Historic NSS Call Sign to be Reactivated for First Time in More than 40 Years

That article is from 5 years ago.

Saturday I made contacts with WAR and NSS on 60m; NAF, AAC, AAZ and MARSCOMM/AFA4VF on 20m split. 59 both ways with AAC. Most stations were fairly weak but I would get a good signal report.

I copied the AFD message on CW and RTTY from NIIW. I heard NSS making contacts on CW.

I could also faintly hear NEPM on 18639/18148. I didn't even try. Too weak to copy reliably and my antenna sucks on 17m.
AFM4NPD was active on 15807. Listening on 14270. Did not hear me.
NWKJ 14.4385 listening 14.310 Too weak.
AAN 14.5505

Later in the day NSS was on 4041.5 LSB/3840. I'm no good for 75/80m either.