ARMER P-25 850 MHz 4 Antennas Compared

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May 27, 2013
Greetings All,

I just conducted some tests of four different antennas for in home use with my HomePatrol Scanner. The frequency monitored was the control frequency for an ARMER site about 15 miles from my monitoring location. I figured I'd share the results with you for what they are worth. Pictured are the RF Power Plots for each antenna.

The first antenna was the stock antenna that came with the HomePatrol. As you notice, the signal is pretty much nonexistent.

The second antenna is what I believe to be a GSM Hotspot antenna advertised for scanners being tuned for 850-900 MHz. Here is a link to the antenna: Police Scanner Antenna Upgrade Fits Uniden Home Patrol Tuned SMA Antenna | eBay. Cost $15

The third antenna is the vaunted Scantenna which is mounted on a mast above the roof. The signal strength appears to be about the same as the second antenna, although it seems to be more consistent. Cost $50

The final antenna is a 13dBi Gain Yagi Beam designed for GSM/CDMA cell phone boosters. Currently this antenna is mounted in my attic and pointed in the general direction of the transmitter. It is actually pointed roughly 20 degrees south of the transmitter. I do plan to mount this to a mast and rotor on top of the roof in the next two weeks. Here is a link: Top 13dBi 850 900 MHz GSM CDMA Outdoor Yagi Antenna N Female for Cell Phone | eBay. Cost $20

The last three antennas all gave a usable signal for the site targeted. Each antenna has a purpose and I use all of them at various times. For instance, the Scantenna is the one that I use the most as it pulls in three ARMER sites reliably and another two or three sporadically. The Scantenna's advantage is that it pulls in VHF signals that none of the other antennas can dream of capturing. The beam gives me the local three ARMER sites plus a couple more targeted sites, but it stinks for the VHF signals. The portable antenna gets used when I am on the go. I really don't use the stock antenna and had to dig around for it to test.

Additional conclusions, questions or observations anyone?

I think that my next test will be to see how many sites each of the antennas will pick up.


Mar 14, 2014
In the Western US Mountains :)
nice, I also have several different 800 antennas :2 NMO quarter wave , one is a Chinese made and the other one is Motorola OEM, 5 dB gain Chinese omni directional HT antenna, 8dBi gain Yagi, 13dbi gain Yagi, Motorola 7 in tall HT antenna, 3 inch as well !
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